Mobiganic is a boutique mobile game development firm based in Southeast Asia. We specialize in publishing viral games on social media platforms that can be used by brands to expand their customer reach, improve consumer product knowledge, and gain valuable psychographic insights.

Through the creation and implementation of mobile games, we’re dedicated to improving how humans interact with big data.

We’re trailblazing mobile game monetization, allowing brands to better understand their user base & customers by measuring in-game interactions.

Through developing viral, mobile games we’re capable of delivering actionable initiatives in ways never thought possible until now.

Welcome to Mobiganic.

Key Facts:

Mobiganic Ltd
Parent Company: 
Magellan SEA Ltd
Incorporation: May 2018
Headquartered: Bangkok, Thailand
Key Person: Cam Campbell (CEO)
Company Size: Under 10 People
Industry: Gaming
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Hoovers: N/A
Media Contact: Cam Campbell (media @