Artificial Intelligence & The Creation Of The Redundant Information Worker

In the new economy, it’s safe to assume that nearly all reasonable labor analysts have expected manufacturing and low-skilled jobs to continue expatriating first world economies in search of cheaper labor and laxer regulations.

What many of them aren’t predicting is that technology is progressing at such an astonishing rate that white collar workers are beginning to lose their jobs to artificial intelligence. And we’re not talking about the type of clerical work that is typically reserved for paralegals or secretaries, but high-level decision makers. We’re talking about traders, insurance agents, and programmers.

Here are two recently breaking stories on the usage of Weak AI and more complex machine learning algorithms being used to replace jobs that were normally considered “outsourcing proof”.

  1. Next Insurance Launches Chatbot Designed to Replace Insurance Agents.
  2. Bridgewater Associates Works to Replace All Desk Traders With Algorithms.

This is a trend that the United States governement¬†doesn’t seem to be taking too seriously, as they feel the threat of AI-induced job loss is so far on the horizon it’s not worth considering.

Surprisingly, Mobiganic’s team doesn’t hold the same position as most US Government officials.

More to come.

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